April 8, 2009

"At The Days End" 12x9 Pastel


In college I was a drawing major. I wanted to learn how to paint and use color in my work but did not enjoy oil painting at the time. I tried pastels because they were less intimidating for me and they felt more like a drawing medium, something I was used to. Soon, with lots of practice, I began to discover their unlimited potential and the rest is history.

This painting was part of my recent exhibit held on March 28th. It was painted during my pastel class as a demonstration. My 8 week pastel class is held on Thursday mornings from 9am 12noon at the M.B. Creative Arts center. If you have thought about painting and did not know where to begin or if you have wanted to return after a long absence, this class may be helpful. It is intended to be informative, relaxing and fun although my strange sense of humor gets in the way at times. A new session will begin on April 16th. Please contact me if you have any questions and are thinking of joining. All are welcome.

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