December 2, 2009

"December Cottonwood" 7x5 Oil

When it is time to decide on what to paint, it is not always an easy decision. Most of the time I am guided by how I am feeling and quite honestly there are times when I am not sure about that either. This is when I rely on certain tools to help me. One of the most important tools I have is music and more specifically, William Ackerman. I have been listening to his music since about the same time George Winston, another good choice, became popular. I suppose it is no different than putting on Christmas music to help get into the Christmas spirit. Music is a large part of my daily ritual an I am very grateful to those who have shared their gifts of music so that our lives may be enriched.
As I was listening to some of my favorites this morning, I was led to this image. I wish for you all blessed and Happy Holidays.

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