December 9, 2009

"Late November In Lone Pine" 10x8 Oil

I have always been impressed by the High Sierras. As a child I can remember feeling amazed by their grandeur as I gazed out the window from our family station wagon. This same feeling remains with me today. I have always enjoyed the way Mt. Whitney sits high above the valley like a king on a throne, as if to say,"yes, I am the highest."

A few days before Thanksgiving, I had the opportunity to take a drive on Hwy 395 in eastern California. Although I was not expecting much in the way of Autumn color, I was pleasantly surprised by how much still remained in the southern Owens Valley. I could not resist stopping on my return trip to shoot a few photos in Lone Pine and Olancha.

This was a very short but successful trip for me. I am pleased to say I am now represented by Mammoth Gallery in the town of Mammoth lakes California.

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  1. I knew exacrly where this was from the postage stamp view. You are likely on indian land just north of Bishop. I used to go to Mammoth every summer with my best friend - Mt Tom is named after his grandmother's husband. We would hike back into Lake George. Very nice painting.
    Mark marklandesfineart blogspot (beginner)