July 6, 2010

"The First Summer Swell" 6x8 Oil

Yesterday I painted down at the beach. It was not the most beautiful weather we've had. In fact June gloom, as it's known here along the California coast, can be quite persistant to the point of having some days where we don't see the sun here at the beach. I was excited to paint at the beach because we are experiencing large waves along our south and west facing beaches. This can be a rare summertime event. Lifeguards are on alert and only the most brave and skilled surfers venture out. As a young man in my teens and early twenties I would spend hours in the water during these swells. As I was painting, the memories all came back and I could still feel the excitement I once felt. Although I doubt I will make it into the water during this event, I am perfectly content expressing that excitement with a paintbrush on canvas and remembering the good ol' days.
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