April 29, 2011

"On A Warm Summer Evening" 20x16 Oil

This piece was previously posted and is now complete. This is on display at the San Dimas Festival Of Arts wich begins this evening with a the gallery doors opening at 7:30pm. Tomorrow, Saturday the 30th, I will be participating in a
"Quick Draw" and Auction. It is an amazing event to watch. I definitely need to have my game on for this one. With only 45 minutes to complete a painting and then frame it for the auction is quite challenging. No worries, I've done these before and they are lots of fun. If you are in the area and can come by and watch you will not be dissapointed by all the talented artists that will be there.

This painting is available through The Coons Gallery in Bishop California.



  1. Joe,
    I have enjoyed seeing your paintings on the Daily Painters of California blog ...
    Your work is spectacular!
    Have a terrific show in San Dimas.... Especially based on the paintings I see on this website, I'd say you're in for many red dots!!!

  2. Thank You Marian. I have enjoyed your work too and I love the stories and bachground information that goes with it. You always have something interesting to say. -Joe