April 30, 2012

"A Moment Beside The Pier" 18x24 Pastel


This pastel painting is of course about waves and the pier. For me it was my intention to say something a bit more about light and create a mood. I believe the best paintings are more than just copies of something but hopefully statements beyond that. Some of my favorite artists use everyday subjects but create beautiful work by making me look at things differently through there eyes. As I work at becoming a better painter, I hope that my work becomes even more abstract as the statements become stronger.
  I think I have a ways to go but it will be an interesting journey.

This painting received The First Place People Choice Award in the Seascape Category at the 2012 Pastel Society Of Southern California's Member Exhibition. 

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  1. True and congratulations for the first place. I really adore your paintings.
    Best regards,