August 26, 2012

"Summer Evening Pasture" 8x10 Oil

This painting is available through my studio. 300. unframed
It is no secret to folks that know me that I love the Eastern Sierras. I have made three trips since the beginning of July and will plan another for autumn soon. So what is it about this area that is so striking? Besides the drama of being in a valley filled with cottonwoods and high mountain ranges on both sides, it is the light. It is the light and many moods it creates that keep me inspired. So why not just use the thousands of photos previously taken instead of making the these trips? The answer is primarily because the camera does not capture what my eyes can see while looking at my subject on location. It is a good reference but for me to learn and improve, I know I need to go outside and observe and work from God's creation. I can then bring my experiences back into the studio and I'll have a better chance of creating believable works of art. The above painting was painted in July in the town of Bishop.

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  1. I totally agree. Plein air painting is highly spiritual.