May 6, 2013

Mid Morning Palos Verdes Coast 9x12 Oil

 700. Sold
I have been doing more plein air painting with oils recently and I want to continue this trend so last Friday I drove to Palos Verdes to paint. I did not have a lot of time to search for a new vantage point or discover a new location so I drove to a familiar place. This was merely about practicing and seeing if I could do more with a familiar subject. I like to go to places that I have painted before to test myself to see if I have grown and learned since the last time I painted there.
This painting was accepted into The Segil fine Art Summer Show.


  1. Beautiful composition, full of air and space too.

  2. Beautiful. I like the way the spash of wave brings the eye back in, and the sense of airy spacial depth.