October 29, 2013

"Before The Snowfall" 11x14 Oil


Every Fall I make sure that I get up to the sierras to see the aspens and cottonwoods changing. 
Before leaving I watched the weather forecast and clear skies were predicted for the time I would be there. Oh well, I cant always have it my way and have snow showers and beautiful dramatic skies to compliment the drama already happening on the land. On the final morning I spent in the high country I was up early once again. When I looked outside I noticed a breeze and a few pink clouds floating by. My excitement level was rising. I was meeting a couple of friends to paint and now we might have a few clouds to ad as we paint. I made my way from my cabin out toward the lower corral at Rock Creek where the sky is open and the view is spectacular. At this point the clouds were building and looking more dramatic with each passing moment. I was ecstatic. Everything I love to paint was unfolding before me in a perfect rhythm. I took a moment to thank God for this wonderful gift.  I let that feeling carry me through the difficult stages of blocking in the scene and after about an hour into it, the snow started falling. Not enough to be a deterrent but adding to the whole experience. The sun would hide for long periods then come out long enough to reveal something I had missed before. The snow came and went leaving a crystal clear sky with beautiful white and grey cumulus clouds floating about reminding me of the ever changing weather. It was a perfect morning.