August 11, 2014

"Meandering Through Summer Fields" 11x14 Pastel

800.Usd. + tx. 

The Owens Valley of the Eastern Sierras is an area of contrast. It is harsh with much desert and the summer time heat can be oppressive. Within this desolation there are pockets of areas where it is lush and green buzzing with life. Down from the mountains comes snow melt as ice cold water in the form of large streams or tiny brooks. I enjoy painting these locations because they are beautiful and are also resting places that offer relief not only from the heat but also from the busyness of life. The warm and cool greens that contrast against the mountains are wonderful to see.

1 comment :

  1. Having hiked along the Owens river several times it always brings a sense of peace. This painting brings back all of those feeling. Wonderful.